A good start for 2016

Missed out on the gaming run, but here is my trade diary for January 2016:


Sorry, I blocked out the names and don’t have another copy.

First stock is CAL and the 2nd one is DAVIN.

Range trade play for CAL. CAL range 201601

Sold majority of DAVIN too early because TP levels hit.



Following the Trend on SMC.

SSI Momentum play.


Mistakes of the Month:

  1. Took some losses on NIKL as Boaris tried to bottomfish too early. Had to cut and take a larger than normal loss because the bids dried up.
  2. Missed out on the whole Gaming sector rally. <\3


Excited for the next month! Come on, February!


5 thoughts on “A good start for 2016

  1. Boss Boaris, what’s your criteria when you picked up SSI at 2.5 levels and know that it will go kaboom? it was deep down on its range. if it didnt go kaboom, will have waited it for a number of days to breakout? Got me curious what was your parameter. Hope you could share.


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    1. Hey jaytums! Yes! SSI was deep down it’s range but support was tested quite a few times. There were also signs of price divergence happening at that level. I just got lucky it went kaboom the next day, if it didn’t, I would have sold my position because of my time stop.


  2. Is that a 2 re entries for cal? Do you also factor support even 2 years back? Just saw the chart of CAL. May i ask if how you value the indicators for a month, weeks, day or even the 3-5 min chart. Weekly MACDof SSI is rising same with RSI. Does this mean this is just starting a new trend?

    Nice blog, keep it up!


    1. Nope, that was just one entry. Yeah, for this trade I think I looked at the monthly and weekly chart. 3 area looks like a very strong support so I placed buy orders there. Not a lot though, because of the liquidity. Regarding time frames, the higher the time frame, the stronger the signal. So monthly>weekly>daily>minutes. I rarely use monthly though. I don’t think it’s starting a new trend yet, it was just a range trade for me.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  3. Thanks for replying boars. I noticed the range too. Btw, may i ask if what indicators
    are you using based on your setup if thats ok. With all the available indicators its hard to
    focus hehe.

    Can you explain this further:

    “Regarding time frames, the higher the time frame, the stronger the signal”

    Keep inspiring Boar!


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